Valentine's Sweet Pizza

Valentine's Sweet Pizza

This product contains 1 JUMBO biscuit, and is presented in a Confectionist 9″ Pizza Box 

$ 49.00

The cheesiest way to ask, ‘Will you be my Valentine?’. We’ve taken a spin on the classic margherita pizza and turned it onto a JUMBO biscuit. Presented in a Confectionist Pizza Box, we recommend this Jumbo Biscuit for:

  • A Valentine’s Day gift
  • The person who holds a ‘pizza’ your heart
  • A Galentine’s Surprise

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Flour, Butter, Sugar, Water, Icing Sugar, Eggs, Cocoa Powder, Vanilla, Egg White Powder, Food Colouring.


Our biscuits stay fresh for 4 months from bake date. All of our biscuit tins have a ‘Best Before’ date label, and will have a shelf life between 2 weeks and 4 months.

We recommend keeping your biscuits in their tins to keep their freshness.

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