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Product Launches
& Press Kits

You’ve created a killer product that will change the world, now you need people to buy it. Or, you have an exciting event coming up and you need to create some buzz around it. Our biccies will do the trick!

Our ability to turn anything into a biscuit opens up the  canvas of possibilities for what you can create with us. Our biscuits are super ‘instagramable’ making it a super option for promoting anything online and offline!

Hand-iced Product 
or Messaging

How do you make your product be the talk-of-the-night? Turn it into a biscuit!
If you want your product to be the talk of the night get it turned into a biscuit and the universe will do the rest. No, seriously people love seeing products and objects turned into food and are always keen to share and show their friends!

Popular usages:
For Social media influencers to promote your brand
At the product launch event
As a press kit
As an invitation
Employee gifting
Book Launch

Personalised Biscuit made in Melbourne for Adidas
Book Launch Custom Biscuit for Press Release
Footy Set with pie and chips
Personalised Biscuit for Nutella
nandos launch custom biscuits
Book Launch Custom Biscuit for Press Release
KAWS NGV cookies

Customise Our Signature 

Tins and Packaging

If you want to really wow your recipients and keep it 
true to your brand – we offer some flexibility in our packaging! You can choose the colour of the ribbon for our Sets, and
the tissue paper for Collections and Face Biscuits.

We offer the option to present our creations in our signature tins.
This really elevates the presentation and experience of the 
receiver. It is an excellent option to promote your new 
product or an event coming up. You can use it even as an
invitation, or the perfect employee gift. Take a look at some
examples below:

Footy Set with pie and chips

Edible Printed Image

We specialise in royal icing and have curated a team of
icers who can tackle the most intriguing detail in biscuit form.
While our hand-iced biscuits are known for causing
show-stopping reactions – edible printed image cookies can be 
a great option for certain situations and events.

Edible Printed Image starts at a lower price and can be discounted
for large quantity orders. To find out more fill out the form below
and our Customer Service team will be able to help!

Still not sure?

Let our biscuit specialists help you by 
filling out the form below.

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Corporate Custom Order Form
Please specify either the budget per biscuit or total order

Sometimes our reply emails can end up in your spam folder. If you haven't heard from us within 1 business day, please check your spam folder. 

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